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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In partnership with families, we provide a strong faith community…

Carrying out the mission of Christ,

Excelling in academics,

Leading by promoting respect, integrity, discipline, and citizenship,

Teaching a foundation of right judgment, values, and confidence needed for a life of success and purpose,

Instilling a commitment to serving others according to Gospel values,

Celebrating our varied cultures, heritage, learning styles, and social backgrounds, and

Sharing the Word of God through prayer, worship, and example.


Philosophy and Vision

Philosophy and Vision

St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick Catholic School is a direct extension of two Lemont Parishes, following the directive To Teach as Jesus Did. Our primary mission is to teach the truth about ourselves and our world based upon scripture, Catholic rituals and tradition, and the enfolding understanding of the revelation of God’s spirit, while building the academic skills and knowledge needed in today’s technological world.

Each child is treated with respect, acknowledging his/her uniqueness and importance in God’s eyes. Our school supports and assists parents in their primary responsibility as role models and educational examples for their children. Parental involvement is valued as families assist our professional faculty and staff in sound educational methods throughout our full curriculum. Our school stands for educational and spiritual excellence and service to others.